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Computer Problems and Solutions

A broken computer can seem like a maze because it could be the result of dozens of different faults. Hence it's common to not know where to start.

As a result we have come up with the following useful diagram to help you track down your computer problems and come up with the solutions with ease.

Please note that this article and diagram mainly looks at possible hardware causes. If you think your problem might be software based, please check our Help With Computer Problems article instead.

Having said that, many computer problems are caused by hardware faults (plus some faults - such as a hard drive failing - might seem like a software problem), and so we do cover software-side faults a bit in the below diagram.

To get started simply being at the "Start", and work your way through our 'Problems Solved' diagram/flow-chart.


A diagram/flow-chart working through various causes for computer faults and suggestion solutions to fix the computer problems.

Thanks to PC Gamer (magazine in the UK) - October 2010 issue - for the inspiration for this diagram.