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A Comparison Between Dell Latitude And Inspiron Laptops

As a company, Dell are very well known and respected, especially for their computer systems. Dell are also the most popular laptop producer in America, the UK and a range of other countries.

They produce an extensive range of laptops under various brand names, such as Dell Latitude and Dell Inspiron.

This article will compare two Dell laptops, namely the Dell Latitude laptop and the Dell Inspiron laptop.

Both laptops are stylish and offer good value for money. So depending on your requirements (since these two systems are aimed at different target markets), either purchase should be a good one for you.

The list below outlines the key differences between these two laptop ranges:

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  • The Dell Latitude is aimed at the business market, i.e. they are meant for the corporate market. The Inspiron series - on the other hand - is largely aimed at the student and typical user market. This latter laptop range is therefore aimed at the standard consumer laptop market and has laptops designed with (for example) gaming and multimedia in mind. Hence the target markets for these two ranges is fairly different.
  • The Latitude line focuses more on networking and sharing/wireless capabilities, whereas the Dell Inspiron pays more attention to the latest technology out. For example, the Inspirion R series (launched July 2010) uses the latest line of Intel processors (the Core i3/i5/i7 series)
  • Regarding build quality/materials, the Latitude laptops are built from a metal alloy frame which is fairly durable and has a nice look to it. This is in contrast to the Dell Inspiron whose case is made predominantly from plastic.
  • Whilst the Latitude range doesn't always use cutting edge technology, it is relatively more expensive than the Inspiron range hence it does tend to have more powerful hardware. The Inspiron range is one of Dell's budget ranges and so - whilst fairly recent - its hardware typically isn't as powerful (despite using more modern technology)
  • Another major difference is price. Whilst there is a budget Latitude laptop, the average price of the Latitude laptop range is a few hundred dollars higher than the average price of the Inspiron laptop range.
  • Due to their superior built quality, Latitude systems are therefore better built to withstand the potential perils of travelling with your laptop. Whilst the Inspiron series can also be taken with you when travelling, it is designed for mainly home/local use and so if you plan on travelling a lot, the Latitude might be the better choice.

Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. It's best to sit down and decide on your needs and then choose the right system for you based on the above analysis and the information on the Dell website. Happy shopping!